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Chemical Bonding Class 10 ICSE

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Chemical Bonding Class 10 ICSE

Class 10 students can excel in Chemical Bonding and score well in the ICSE Chemistry examination 2021 with our structured chapter-wise study plan including Live Lectures, Video Lectures, Free Study Material, Assignments, and Tests.

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Course Highlights:

PDF Notes of the chapter

Live Lessons

Practice Questions 

Self-assessment tests

Practice Assignments

Word search and Crosswords 

Objective and Subjective Tests

Chemical Bonding is divided into three sections:

1. Electrovalent Bonding includes electron dot structure and characteristic properties of electrovalent compounds.

2. Covalent Bonding includes electron dot structure of covalent molecules, polar 

covalent compounds, characteristic properties of covalent compounds and 

comparison between electrovalent and covalent compounds.

3. Coordinate Bonding includes definition, meaning of lone pair effect,formation of hydronium and ammonium ion with the help of electron dot diagram.

Assessments and their report with detailed analysis along with feedback from an evaluation expert shall ensure 100%results in examination. Moreover, our discussion panel shall help you in clarifying your doubts.

1. Free Study Material available for all students.

The complete chapter of chemical bonding is divided into Three Sections based

on ICSE Syllabus. You can read PDF notes in each section as many times as per requirement. 

For best results read the given PDF notes before attending the live lessons. 

You can attend the “Live Lecture” as per prescribed schedule. 

Repeat of Live Lecture available in the form PPT along with PDF of annotation.

2. Practice questions are available for each section to help you improve your answer writing skills. 

You can download the practice sheets and write answers as per the standard 

requirements of the evaluator.

Mock tests shall help you to understand how to answer various types of questions like Reasoning-based, Definition-based, Application-based, Identification-based

3. Discussion panel

You can ask questions through our discussion panel and clear your doubts.

4. Self-Assessment Tests 

Formal Assessment

a) Objective Assessment

It covers the complete chapter in the form of MCQs and FIBs.

Two attempts available for auto-graded objective tests.

Attempt the self-assessment tests and get instant results with detailed analysis.  Re-attempt the test multiple times for further improvement.

b) Subjective Assessment

The students can write the answer to the question on the paper and upload the

picture which will be evaluated by an expert.

The feedback report is sent to the learners within 24 hours suggesting them the improvements needed in their answering pattern.

Informal Assessment

Word search and crossword puzzle boost your memorization skills. 

Salient Features:

Good score in the ICSE examination 2021.

Live interactive sessions to explain chemical bonding.

Complete study of syllabus issued for chemical bonding.

Excellent and easy to understand study material.

Practice of Subjective tests shall be a success factor in examination. 

Improvement of student’s writing speed during the examination.

Clear all your doubts through our Discussion panel.


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